HP's webOS tablet revealed

It confirmed plans for one some time ago, but now it looks like two HP webOS tablets are heading our way, specifically the 9-inch Topaz tablet and the 7-inch Opal tablet.

Engadget has the scoop, but not the finished product. This is actually an internal render sent via a 'trusted tipster' of the 9-inch Topaz model. But it's pretty much what is expected to be produced, with finished units arriving at Palm HQ in June.

From the renders and initial details, we know it's a 'no button' design with a front-facing camera, a micro USB port on the bottom, a three speaker arrangement for stereo audio in both landscape and portrait modes and a glossy rear. Both are expected to run with 1.2GHz processors. Other details are still to be revealed.

So June for finished models, with models hitting the US market around September 2011. Us Brits? Well, HP has a habit of launching in the US well ahead of the UK, so Christmas if we're lucky, 2012 if we're not. For HP's sake, here's hoping it's sooner in the UK - we could be on the iPad 3 by then. We might find out more next month though, as HP has an event expected to feature its new tablets in some way. We'll keep you posted on this or any other developments.

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