APP WATCH: Nike+ iPhone app gets competitive

Find running boring? Even with a shiny new iPhone to keep you company? Well, Nike feels your pain and as long as you have some equally fit friends, has adapted the Nike+ iPhone app to add some much-needed community and competition.

We have featured the Nike+ app before, most recently when it was updated in September, which dispensed with the need for a foot sensor. However, it did add a colour-coded pace tracker and a 'Challenge Me' function that allows you to challenge previous personal bests in distance or speed. However, now you can also challenge others, not just your own form.

According to TechRadar, the app now throws in some kind of 'virtual Tag' for free. That is, as long as you've previously paid the £1.19 asking price. After a run, a Nike+ app user is prompted to 'Play Tag', which involves inviting your Nike+ friends and contacts into a game. You can then set the rules based on distance, time spent running or how early you got up to run. Come last in any of those things and you are 'it'. No doubt feeling inferior throughout the working day, but enthusiastic the next day for your run. After all, you don't want to be 'it' for two days running, do you?

Want to see all of that in cheesy cartoon form? You are in luck, as Nike has done just that. View it right here.

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