Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S hits UK

The follow-up isn't likely to land for a while just yet, so the original Samsung Galaxy S still has plenty of sales left in it. Especially when it has a designer makeover, as it the case with the Armani Samsung Galaxy S.

Yes, you guessed right, this is a collaboration of sorts with high-end clobber retailer Giorgio Armani, sold in limited numbers and according to Pocket Lint, sold exclusively at high street retailer Phones 4u. How limited? Just 800 are on the shelves, so if you want one to flash down the local club or bar this weekend, you'll better set the early tomorrow morning. Oh yes, check your store has it too, as it's limited to just 100 stores too.

'As the leader of the mobile youth market, Phones 4u are always striving to offer the latest, must have handsets at the best possible price', claimed Russell Braterman, marketing director at Phones 4u. 'The exclusive, limited edition Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S taps into the fashion savvy, trend setting lifestyle of our consumer'.

It might be aimed at the 'fashion savvy', but the cash savvy might be less impressed. Why? Well, there's not a lot here on top of the original, with a price / contract that doesn't exactly scream 'value'. In  fact, apart from the exclusivity and the Armani branding on the handset, this is exactly the same Galaxy S you'll find anywhere. It's even the same shade of black.

For the pleasure of looking like you're loaded, you'll need to pay out £49.95 for the phone, as well as signing up for a £45.96 a month contract. We suspect that's not going to put the budding fashionistas off.

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