Apple unveils iOS 4.3 for developers

Not quite a new iPad or iPhone, but the newly-launched iOS 4.3 for developers does hint at what's to come for Apple's mobile devices.

According to TechRadar, the list of new features is headed up by personal hotspot functionality, which allows you to set up your own Wi-Fi zone with your Apple device. it's network-dependent though, so don't take that one as read until you see it in action. It's not the only thing to look forward to though, with new features and information being dug up by the hour.

What we can expect so far is 'fun' things like live video effects for the video camera, allowing you to mock up the likes of a thermal camera, X-ray, Kaleidoscope or Tunnel of Light, should you wish to. Or perhaps you want something more functional, like multi-touch gesture for the iPad, which allows you to allowing you to use several fingers to pinch, swipe and flick to access functions.

There's also a redesigned FaceTime icon, the option to configure the slide button's use, bigger adverts (up to full screen, which isn't something to look forward to) and AirPlay support for third-party native apps and third-party web apps.

Interestingly, some digging in the code also shows reference to new models, namely iPhones 4,1 and 4,2 and iPads 2,1; 2,2; and 2,3, which presumably means variations of both are incoming in the fairly near future. But to be honest, we second-guessed that already. In fact, the iPad 2 is showing all the signs of being launched early next month. More on that when it does get the official nod.

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