INQ Cloud Touch Facebook Phone incoming?

Back in September 2010, we brought you news of two Facebook Phones from INQ, although in truth, it was nothing more than sources confirming the phones would get made. Well, now it looks like at least one of those phones is in the process of being made, which ties in well with that 'spring 2011' launch date we originally mentioned.

According to Pocket Now, the phone is going by the name of the INQ Cloud Touch rather than Facebook phone, with the handset just receiving 'Bluetooth certification'. Thing is, we don't, as yet, know if the phone being certified is the model with a QWERTY keyboard (which might look like the INQ Chat pictured here) or the full touchscreen model, which was also rumoured last year.

Anyway, the design description from that Bluetooth certification says: 'An Android smartphone built to make messaging faster and smarter. It’s designed around the way people naturally communicate and has Facebook built into its core. The homescreen features multiple entry points to different Facebook functions, while a dynamic widget displays a feed of status updates, albums, videos and photos.'

On the face of it, that doesn't give much away regarding which model will break first, although it does confirm Android as the operating system. Or does it say more than we think? Well, as the phone is called the 'Touch', you would second guess it's actually the touchscreen model. Or is that just too obvious?

It could be another launch for the MWC or if this is big news for Facebook, it could launch at a standalone event. Regardless of that, it's likely to be soon and if it's an INQ phone, it's likely to be affordable too.

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