CES: Xperia X10 Android update ruled out

Yesterday, we featured the launch of the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, countering our excitement with the concern that Android updates might be an issue, as they have on all Xperia Android phones thus far. Well, just to hammer that point home, Sony Ericsson has announced that the Xperia X10 will not now be getting an update to Android Froyo 2.2. But there is more positivity regarding the arc phone's update prospects.

According to TechRadar, Nathan Vautier, UK MD for the UK and Ireland for Sony Ericsson, said that while the brand had managed to 'uncouple' the Timescape UI from the Android OS (the reason behind the lengthy Xperia upgrades) on the arc, it's been unable to do it successfully on the Xperia X10.

'We're not taking the Xperia X10 further forward [in terms of upgrading to a new version of Android],' he said. 'However, we will be bringing smaller updates, such as bringing multi-touch to the phone in Q1. We are balancing what consumers want with what it's possible to do from a hardware point of view, but [the Android 2.1 upgrade] was the last OS upgrade for the X10.'

Sony Ericsson has subsequently tweeted: 'We believe the features included in the Android 2.1 phone are on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of 2.2.'

So not great news for X10 owners (multi-touch aside), but it does give us more confidence regarding updates for the new Xperia model at least.

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