CES: The Motorola ATRIX ? a true computer in your pocket

We’ve just got back from the Motorola press conference at CES and not even the chilly walk back to our hotel room has dampened our excitement. The manufacturer has announced four mobile products in total (the Motorola CLIQ 2, Motorola Droid Bionic and Motorola XOOM) but it’s the Motorola ATRIX that has really whetted the appetite. For the Motorola ATRIX provides a true computing experience. Not only can you use a full Mozilla Firefox browser on your phone, but hook the phone up to an HDMI compatible monitor or HD TV, using the ATRIX's docking accessory and you’ll be able to enjoy your phone on the big screen. It works just like a PC, only powered by Android, with multitasking, multiple tabs open at any one time and full access to all your files, emails, photos and movies. Once the Motorola ATRIX has been connected to the big screen via the docking bay, users can either control the functionality via the phone directly, via the accompanying remote control or via a compatible mouse.

However, Motorola has gone one step further by unveiling a Motorola Laptop Dock. It takes the form factor of a traditional portable PC with one killer difference – it’s incredibly thin. This is because the Motorola ATRIX cleverly slots into the back of the laptop and powers the device itself, meaning there’s no need for any processors and alike. The transition from phone to laptop dock is seamless, so you could be working on a document on your phone before transferring to the laptop and carrying on from exactly where you left off.

Spec-wise and the Motorola ATRIX is no slouch either. It features a four-inch Quarter High Definition display, dual processor cores, both of which can run at 1GHz each, finger-print recognition, Wi-Fi, a five-megapixel camera and 16GB of onboard memory, though this can be topped up to 48GB with a memory card. Though it will be launched on Android 2.2, an upgrade to 2.3 will become available, while Motorola’s MOTOBLUR will take care of all you social networking feeds, messages, emails and contacts.

Though there’s no official word on a launch date, we expect it to arrive on these shores this half of the year. What we do know is that it will arrive in the UK exclusively on Orange.

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