CES: LG showcases 3D displays for mobile

It's already cementing itself amongst the film and sport communities, but now it would seem the world of 3D is soon to be arriving on the mobile platform. LG has demoed a 4.3-inch screen that is capable of displaying 3D content. However, what's really cool is that it's designed in such a way that you won't need to sport those silly looking glasses to do so.


The display itself is a WVGA touch-screen, with a 480x800 pixel resolution and works by utilising parallax barrier technology. No, us neither? Thankfully we had this explained to us. What this technology essentially does is paints the screen with a series of light-blocking slits meaning different images are projected to each eye. This in turn creates an illusion of depth, fooling our silly little minds into thinking the image we're seeing is actually 3D.


LG plans to introduce this technology onto its future handsets and they certainly talk a good game, with both mobile video and gaming set to be the main beneficiaries. Unfortunately we're yet to get up close and personal with this 3D technology, but we'll be sure to bring you news on whether it really is as revolutionary as it sounds just as soon as we do.

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