Carphone Warehouse selling Alcatel phone for 1p

Yes, that's right, the Carphone Warehouse is selling a mobile phone for just 1p. But before you start rummaging through your loose change jar, you'll also need to find another £10 for a credit top-up.

The phone in question is the fairly unassuming Alcatel OT-209 and according to TechRadar, we're talking back to basics, with a rounded plastic design, a small (colour) screen, large buttons and an FM radio heading up the features. If it's your gran wanting something to make the odd call, it should fit the bill. If apps are more your thing, you might want to move along. There's nothing to see here on that score.

According to Matt Stringer, UK MD of The Carphone Warehouse: 'This is a great deal which represents brilliant value for money. The competition in the UK mobile market has seen the price of phones driven lower and lower over the last couple of years. Now, we've become the first to offer one for just one penny, which we hope will prove a huge money-saving hit with our customers after Christmas.'

So, a mobile phone with calls for £10.01. Will it ever be beaten? We suspect one day it will because, let's be honest, the networks will still get their money back if you keep on topping up. That's where the real profit is.

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