Samsung releases Ch@t 322 and E2152 mobile phones

Samsung has announced the imminent release of two new budget phones that reportedely utilise technology created by ST-Ericsson, the outfit that emerged from the agreement betwen Ericsson and STMicroelectronics.


The two handset feature the ST-Ericsson G4852 and G4906 chips which are known for their low-cost  but also their power-efficiency. Both phones are also dual-SIM types which means that you have the option to make and receive calls over two different networks if you wish or have a personal phone and the business phone within the same chassis. Sales of dual-SIM mobile phones (such as the Samsung B5722 and C3112) are due to increase five-fold over the next four years, according to experts.


The first mobile to hand, the Samsung E2152, sports a candybar design and is out now in Europe. The Ch@t 322 is a QWERTY-based handset which should also be out and about as you read this.


Expect to see more handsets utilise the St-Ericsson chips in the near future.

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