Up a Gumtree: Boku introduces mobile payments

Taking a credit card-less approach to its payment system, Gumtree a classifieds website, is now offering its customers a chance to pay for its services via a mobile phone instead of the more traditional credit card. Hence, users will be able to book in listings plus associated features and then, when requested to pay, just punch in a mobile phone number. The charge will then appear on the phone bill.

The arrangement has been created by BOKU, an American-based mobile phone payment provider which has operations in 65 companies around the world.

Gumtree offer classifieds listings for a range of services from Cars, Vans and Motorbikes to flats and houses, small items for sale from musical instruments, computers and baby wear to job listings, community services and dating.

In related news, rumour has it that both Google (always interested in new software initiatives such as its latest iteration of Google Maps) and Apple (always wanting to find new payment options in its App business, for example) are considering take-over bids for BOKU. If those rumours come to fruition, expect to see the notion of mobile phone payments take a dramatic leap forward.


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