Nokia introducing Windows Phone 7 handsets?

Remember when Nokia was rumoured to be getting involved with Android? Well, the Finnish giants are now the subject of a similar rumour, this time with Windows Phone 7.

The rumour comes from Eldar Murtazin. According to Pocket Lint, he's a Russian journalist with Nokia connections, best-known for grabbing hold of, and reviewing, a Nokia N8 smartphone well ahead of the competition. But he's also got his finger on the pulse of what's happening more generally in Nokia land - and he claims Nokia has been in talks with Microsoft with regards to releasing a Windows Phone 7 handset.

A rough translation of his web post says: 'In the last month behind closed doors is a discussion of expanded cooperation Nokia and Microsoft (two-way discussion, initiated by the new leadership of Nokia). Not simply the exchange of technology, but creating an entire line of Windows Phone devices that may go under the name Nokia, through the sales channels for the company, and will also have the characteristic features of its products.'

So a Nokia-themed and branded phone with Microsoft on board, a 'desperate' (his word) move for both companies to tackle Android. It's not a bad idea for either company, but it might mean just a little initial loss of face for both. It's probably a price worth paying.

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