LG B to be world's slimmest phone?

We're not sure how many people buy a smartphone based on just how thin it is, but we suspect some people do. If you are one of them, welcome to your next mobile phone - the intriguingly-titled LG B.

Spotted by Phandroid, the phone is likely to be going by its codename right now. Unless LG is going back to basics for names. We suspect not. It's also lacking a lot of detail right now, but it is shown to be slimmer than Apple's super-slim smartphone, which is certain to be the headline selling point.

Accompanying data that was also sent to Phandroid suggests a higher visible light intensity than its listed competitors, thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4 (both of which are pictured with the mysterious 'B'), while the 4-inch screen is said to be of similar construction to the iPhone's screen.

Sadly, that's all we know, aside from a Tweet that claimed the phone would be shown off at the CES trade show. That's only weeks away, so not long to wait for a proper picture and a full breakdown of what could be a hot Android phone for early 2011.

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