APP WATCH: Skyfire heads to the iPad

It was an unexpected launch and a big success (not least commercially) when it launched for Apple's iPhone. But now the Skyfire browser is aiming for bigger things. Specifically the Apple iPad.

According to Pocket Lint, Skyfire for iPad could be about to hit the App Store after it was submitted for consideration. Let's be honest, if the iPhone version made it through, there's no reason why the iPad version will be refused, so you can expect to see it very soon. Looks an interesting addition too.

Of course, the headline act is the ability to interact with Flash sites, the browser handling the Flash content via its own servers, so you (or Apple) don't have to worry about it interacting directly with your tablet. But that's not the only selling point. For a start, it's a 'social' browser, packing Facebook Connect for easy content sharing and 'friend' interaction. There's also a dedicated Facebook button, that works with your news feed, plus similar buttons for your Twitter stream and Google Reader RSS feeds.

Within the browser, there's also a Fireplace button to see all of your friend's Facebook shared links and you'll also be able to see all of the popular pages from the website that you're on, based on what your friends have enjoyed.

It's unlikely to be free though. Skyfire did well out of the £1.79 charge for the iPhone app and should do equally well out of a rumoured £2.99 charge when the browser hits the iPad. That could be sooner than you think - it just might turn into an extra little Christmas present for iPad owners. Check out this video of Skyfire in action on the iPad if you want more.

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