Summer 2011 for next Windows Phone 7 update

The platform is still fairly new, but already there are plans to seriously upgrade Windows Phone 7, with an all-new Windows Phone 8 being talked about for 2012.

According to ZDNet, the forthcoming CES trade show in Las Vegas will be used to push the existing phones and show off some tablets, but there will be some minor updates coming up for the operating system soon after. These are predicted to be centred around the introduction cut and paste as well as developer tools to allow greater multi-tasking, in-app downloads and better customisation.

The big update is alleged to be coming around August/September 2011, going by the name of Mango, although likely to be called Windows Phone 7.5 too. That should tide the company over until late 2012, when Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) is due to launch. Which brings us to what exactly Mango will offer next year.

According to widespread speculation, Mango will add Silverlight run-time and HTML 5 support to Windows Phone 7. There's also vague talk of 'other features and functionality' (which doesn't tell us much) and rumours of enterprise functionality, making the phones more appealing to business.

We would expect more from the Mango update next year to be honest. By then, there's likely to have been a couple of Android makeovers and a new iPhone doing the rounds. If Microsoft wants to stay in the game, the company probably knows that will need to do something significant before WP8 arrives in 2012, especially after spending so much time, effort and finance relaunching its mobile platform.

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