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Since Top Of The Pops and the Saturday morning kids' shows departed, most of us haven't a clue what's actually topping the charts, aside from Christmas week perhaps. We can't avoid that. If you want to be clued up for the remaining 51 weeks of the year, you should pick up the UK's Official Charts Company's new set of chart apps.

Three are available, a standard iPhone app, a premium one for the iPhone and an iPad variation. What's the difference? Well, the standard one is free, offering up the top ten singles and albums, with preview clips and iTunes links, should you get an urge to buy the number one single. We suspect that's enough for most people, but if you love detail, the premium app might appeal.

That one has the Official Singles and Albums Top 100s, the Official Dance Singles Chart and R’N’B Singles Top 40s, Rock and Metal Top 40, Official Coalition Singles Top 40 (based on sales via alternative record shops) and the Official Independent Singles and Albums Top 40 (the biggest selling releases by independently-owned record labels). Throw in a music discovery tool and that's pretty much your lot for £1.79.

iPad owners get their own version. The same retro-style design, only this time, you get an app designed for the bigger screen. It still features all the premium content that the iPhone , but adds on a Singles Buzz Chart and Albums Buzz Chart, covering songs and albums receiving the highest ratings via the other apps. For the extra screen space and content, a little is added to the price too, selling for £2.99

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