HTC Magic gets Android 2.2 update

Remember the HTC Magic? It was one of the earlier Android phones, dating back to the first half of 2008 and to be honest, has been largely forgotten as the volume of Android phones on the market increased. Well, Vodafone hasn't forgotten it. Indeed, it's about to give it an Android 2.2 makeover.

According to TechRadar, Vodafone has taken the decision to makeover the phone (which originally launched with Android 1.5) with a number of Android 2.2 features. Not all of them, but we're sure that users will appreciate the addition of USB tethering, new Gmail and YouTube clients, Exchange support and  the option of copying apps to microSD cards. Not least because it's all for free.

So what don't you get? Sadly, you'll not be seeing live wallpapers, Flash video playback and Wi-Fi hotspot creation. Limits of the 'ancient' hardware you see. But something is certainly better than nothing.

'HTC Magic was the first Android device we brought into our range and users still love the handset almost two years later. It's great news for them that they'll be able to update the handset to current version of Android and benefit from a raft of the new features,' a spokesperson said.

The update can't be manually activated, so HTC Magic users will have to wait until the phone auto-discovers the update. When it does, it will come in two parts - the bootloader update to start with, then the phone will reboot and the Android 2.2.1 update will be available.

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