Google Nexus S now on pre-order

Want the hottest Android phone on the planet? Well, you can get your name down for the Google Nexus S right now, although it's certainly not the cheapest phone on the market.

That's not deterring prospective buyers of the Samsung-made handset though. According to TechRadar, Carphone Warehouse has commented: 'The Google Nexus S is a game-changer for Android so it's great to see so many networks getting behind it. We've seen huge interest in the phone over the last few days since pre-ordering began at The Carphone Warehouse. We now have a great offering of Android handsets which will continue to grow in the New Year.'

You can opt for the handset on contract or sim-free. If you don't want the contract deal, you'll be looking at £549.95 - and even then you'll need to sign up to a PAYG-style contract, with a £10 required at purchase. Which is why most of us will go contract.

Deals vary slightly, but you are essentially looking at £35 per month if you want the phone for free on O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange. That gets you plenty of minutes and texts, but as ever these days, data is less generous - the most you'll find is 750MB per month. 1GB is available, but you'll need to sign up to a £50 monthly contract.

The release date is 20th December, so barring delays, you could get yourself one in time for Christmas.

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