Samsung Galaxy S to get Android 2.3

In this modern world we live in, it's no surprise to see a growing number of news stories breaking on Twitter. Why? Because it's often the un-policed news source of the corporate giants, with staff responding to questions with speed, before the media team has had chance to stop the information going out. That sounds like the case with this particular Android 2.3 story.

According to Into Mobile, Samsung Mobile India confirmed on two occasions that the Samsung Galaxy S will be getting the Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade. Yes, not once, but twice. So we can assume it wasn't just one remark made in error.

But that's pretty much all we have and as users of that particular handset will know, updates are rarely quick or indeed straightforward. For example, the 3 and T-Mobile networks are only now rolling out the 2.2 upgrade - and not without teething problems.

But let's not dwell on that. We now know that the Galaxy S is capable of taking the upgrade and it will land worldwide at some point. Which might make you think twice about upgrading to the similar Nexus S, featuring the updated operating system from launch.

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