APP WATCH: YouTube 2.1 for Android

There's a new version of YouTube available for Android phones, with YouTube 2.1 being 'rebuilt from the ground up to mirror the YouTube desktop experience'. It's also the 'fastest, most intuitive YouTube mobile app to date', says Google.

Plenty of new features included, headed up by in-page playback, allowing you to read the video description, browse related, rate or flag videos without having to interrupt video playback. There's also the option to post comments while the video is playing, the ability to subscribe or access subscriptions and a new full-screen UI. To enter full-screen mode simply rotate the phone. It's also easier to seek within the video, and you can pause or resume the playback by just tapping on the screen.

According to Google, the first version was released a few weeks back and following that launch, the company collected user feedback, and addressed the 'key user requests' in version 2.1. Downside? Only users with Android 2.2 (Froyo) have access to it right now. But that's a considerable number of people these days - hopefully you are one of them. It also comes pre-installed on upcoming Android 2.3 devices, including the Nexus S.

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