3 and T-Mobile offer Samsung Galaxy S upgrade

It's been a long time coming, but according to Techwatch, Android 2.2 has finally come to the Samsung Galaxy S on the 3 and T-Mobile networks.

Apparently, it’s not being delivered over the air. Instead,  you’ll have to use the Kies software to update. That's the good news. But it's not all good news. It seems that some T-Mobile users are still having issues updating their smartphone to Android 2.2.

Some customers are complaining they still can’t see the Froyo update on Kies, while others have received error messages while attempting the upgrade, with the process failing altogether. In addition, some customers have claimed that the 2.2 upgrade messes up their messaging system. One post on a forum stated: 'Totally crippled the SMS system – looks like lots of other people having same problem.'

If you are desperate, proceed with care or back up. But if there are teething problems, it might be better to wait a little while.

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