Apple devices get Freeview with Equinux Tizi

Fancy watching TV on the go via your Apple iPhone or iPad? You can with the Equinux Tizi, which offers the full range of Freeview channels on the go.

According to Pocket Lint, it's a small, pocket-sized device with a flexible antenna that can pick up DVB-T/TNT/DTT programmes wirelessly. It has an integrated Wi-Fi module, and transmits its own network. The signals are decoded using its ARM 9 processor and then beamed (via a free app) onto your Apple device. That's the science, but the bottom line is TV for free. Well, outside of the price of the add-on.

Right now you can just watch the channels, but soon you'll be able to record them too, via an updated app that's currently being evaluated by Apple. Also multitasks too, which means you can skip the adds to check some emails. Always a bonus.

Powered by a Li-Ion battery, that should give you around 3.5 hours of life, the Equinux Tizi is available in the Apple Store now for £149.95.

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