iPad 2 shipping from February 2011?

The second-generation Apple iPad 2 is coming, that we pretty much guarantee. But when it will be here has long been a point of contention. According to a new story from Digitimes, you might well be seeing it from April 2011.

Although confusingly, the media source says the new device will 'ship' from February 2011. Digitimes claims the Foxconn Electronics plants in Shenzhen, China have recently been notified they will need to ship Apple's iPad 2 within the next 100 days with initial shipments to reach 400,000-600,000 units.

Essentially that means the end of February in 2011. It was hoped to be sooner, but delays in the device's firmware (still in testing) means a slight delay of one month. Why the gap between February and April? That's to allow the company to stockpile units in order to have plenty of stock for the worldwide launch.

Digitimes also claims supply currently exceeds demand of the first-generation iPad, especially as production is continuing at Foxconn through to January. So you can be assured of stock of the original iPad in the run-up to Christmas if that's true. After Christmas, production will slow as Apple runs down stock in preparation for the new launch.

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