Google shows off new Android tablet

With the Android Gingerbread-packing Google Nexus S only just launched, the last thing we expected was a sequel. But hours later, Google showed off Android Honeycomb on a custom-built tablet.

According to Engadget, Google's Andy Rubin took the stage at the D: Dive Into Mobile event and presented a Motorola-made tablet that used the Android Honeycomb operating system. Yes, that's yet another operating system. The tablet wasn't named, but was presumed to be the rumoured Motorola Stingray tablet, packing video chat, an NVIDIA processor, a dual core 3D processor and a screen said to be around 10 inches diagonally.

As for the operating system, little was given away. A new release of Google Maps was shown off and that, as well as the general look was very different to existing operating systems, but little was announced in terms of specific functionality. Perhaps because it's still some way off the finished product. Andy Rubins said it wouldn't land until 'next year', but it will have specific support for tablets, with a different look and feature set for the larger devices.

It should make for devices that can genuinely rival the iPad (or iPad 2) from the middle of next year. Which has got to be good news for us, the buying public.

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