APP WATCH: Google Reader for Android

Apparently Google has been working on this for something like two years, so we expect the Google Reader for Android to be pretty special. Or at the very least, pretty useful.

In fact, it's everything you would expect from a mobile version of Reader in truth, complete with all the desktop basics - unread counts, friends, sharing, liking and starring for example. But there's also a little bit more.

That 'bit more' is the option to use multiple accounts on the one handset, syncing preferences and full subscription features (subscribe and search from your phone). You'll also find volume-key navigation, flicking between next and previous with those volume controls plus contextual menus and a 'send' feature, which integrates with other apps on your phone to send the item using any 3rd party app.

It's just landed in the Android marketplace, so if you want to keep up with your feeds, head on over there now.

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