Richard Branson launches Project for iPad

There has been talk of a magazine created by Apple and News Corp, going by the name of Daily. Indeed, it should be launching very soon. But not soon enough to beat Richard Branson's first iPad title - Project.

According to Pocket Lint, the Virgin-produced magazine has gone live in Apple's app store, with the app being free, the magazine not. The latter retails for £1.79. Two issues are showing right now, one labelled US and one Canadian, both with Jeff Bridges on the front cover. As for content, well expect a premium kind of read, mixing culture, tech, business and a desire to be hip. You're probably thinking Esquire - and you are probably right.

Project's Chris Bell, in a blog post, said: 'Project, alongside other launches, is both a bold new chapter in media, and a blind pitch into a potentially humiliating void. Whether it changes the fortunes of the written word remains to be seen; built into any new launch these days is the largely optimistic hope that people still exist who like reading stuff, and don’t mouth the words as they’re doing so'.

So what of that Apple / News Corp magazine? He has words on that too: 'As Project went on sale, reports emerged that Rupert Murdoch will soon launch an iPad-only newspaper called The Daily, after it came to him in a dream or something.'

'Which, like all Murdoch products, shall doubtless enrich humankind with its impartial political analysis and rolling coverage of shit exploding. Also: hi-def nudity, fingers crossed. But the point stands: the irascible Aussie despot doesn’t throw his corked hat into the cyber ring until he’s sure of a market. Apart from the Times paywall, maybe. And MySpace. But, well, you know'.

Expect more of the same 'banter' as the market for these magazines hots up.

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