Everything Everywhere announces subsidised iPad prices

Just like your average contract mobile phone, you can now get a subsidised Apple iPad if you sign on the line - at least you can if you sign with one of the networks under the Everything Everywhere banner.

Those networks are of course Orange and T-Mobile, with the price for a 16GB 3G / Wi-Fi version being just £199, with the 32GB model selling for £249 and the 64GB one retailing for £349. Of course, this isn't a giveaway deal, you'll be paying off a contract at the same time. To get the prices above, you'll need to sign up for a 24-month contract for £25 a month if you are an existing Orange customer, £27 if you are new to the network.

That gets you 1GB of 'anytime' 3G data, 1GB from midnight until 4am, and 3GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi, should you be out and about. If you live a 24-hour existence, not a bad deal. Maybe you can set the alarm for the early hours to get full value.

That contract isn't cheap though and while the device looks more affordable, adding in the contract for two years adds in a huge surcharge, especially if you are using your iPad at home via a Wi-Fi connection most of the time. You can always pick up some 3G data as and when you need it with short-term deals too.

There is one other factor too. The Three network has announced it will also be selling subsidised iPads. Saying that, it's unlikely to be going that much cheaper, but you might want to wait until it does announce data allowances if you are thinking of going down that route.

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