Vodafone offers cheaper Euro data deals

Checking those emails on a business trip or package holiday just got a little cheaper, with Vodafone offering new and improved pricing for European data usage.

According to TechRadar, the Vodafone Group is using its presence in several countries to offer better data packages for both one-off and more seasoned users on the continent. Consumers will be offered the Vodafone Data Traveller and 'will be able to take advantage of a daily allowance offering up to 25MB of mobile data each day'. That will cost you a modest £2 per day.

If you happen to travel to Europe regularly, there's a package for you too. Same daily allowance, but you'll pay just £10 for a month of access. There's also an improved deal for people on higher contracts:

'In addition, consumer customers on contract price plans of £40 and above who are already benefiting from 5MB a day to use in Europe will automatically have their allowance increased to 25MB,' says Vodafone.

Get in contact with Vodafone for the smallprint and details of how to sign up for any of the deals.

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