APP WATCH: eBay updates iPhone app

Some weeks back we reported that eBay had added selling to its iPhone app. But sadly, it only made it available in the US initially. Well, the wait is over, with UK users now able to sell their excess junk with just a few taps of the iPhone.

Rather than create an all-new selling app, eBay has updated the existing buying app with a selling feature. According to TechRadar, if a seller is listing a similar item to one you have, you can use eBay's 'Sell One Like This' feature to create a listing that is automatically populated with information like category and item condition. Money in the bank.

But that's not all. eBay mobile has also added a barcode scanner. Right now, it doesn't look like you can use it for selling with a quick barcode scan, the obvious use really. But you can use it for buying. Just target the barcode and eBay will find the item or items if listed, showing you the best prices available. Might be pretty handy for the Christmas shopping.

The updated app is available now and is free.

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