Apple iOS 4.2 now available

It's been delayed for various reasons, but finally, the Apple iOS 4.2 update is now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. But it's not without its teeting problems, especially when it comes to music.

As well as various bug fixes, the update brings multitasking, improved switching between apps, permanent controls on-screen, folders, Apple's Game Center and a unified inbox for the iPad. All devices also get Find My iPhone. Previously a 'paid' feature via MobileMe subscription, it flags up your device to its last known location. Perfect for alleviating that last-minute 'where my phone?' panic on the way to work.

AirPlay is also here for all devices, allowing you to stream movies, photos and music to your Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled speakers. It might not mean much yet, but wait for the hardware to flood in for that soon. On a similar note, the much-anticipated AirPrint has landed, allowing you to print wirelessly from your device, but only if you have an AirPlay-enabled printer, Chances are you don't, but again, watch them all hit the market very soon.

However, there has been a reported problem with music apparently being 'lost' in the update. While the phone might show a hefty amount of space allocated to it, the files have gone walkabout by name. According to Pocket Lint there's an easy work-round to reclaim them. Just follow the simple steps if you have the same issue after updating and you'll be fine.

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