Nokia confirms N8 power fault

It's the flagship phone of Nokia's range and got a near-glowing review on this very site last month. But according to Nokia, a problem has been detected on its N8 smartphone - one that you can't fail to notice if you encounter it.

According to Reuters, there is (or was) a power fault that meant the smartphone switched itself off. According to Nokia sales chief Niklas Savander: 'a limited number of N8 users' were facing the problem of phones switching off, and then being unable to turn them on again. Not great.

A spokesman said the fault was due to a problem in production, which has since been fixed. It was an N8-only problem, but the spokesman refused to be drawn on just how many of the phones has been effected.

'Probably not all consumers have informed Nokia about the problems, so the final number of faulty products is likely to increase,' added Nordea analyst Sami Sarkamies said.

But it's unlikely to be a large percentage. If it was, chances are that it would have been all over the web before now. Also, Niklas Savander did at least confirm it was 'a small number', even if the exact number is still a mystery. No comfort if you are one of the unlucky few, but if you are considering buying one, at least you know it's a past problem, not an ongoing concern.

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