heading to HTC Desire?

It's a selling point for the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z handsets, but soon the older HTC Desire could have

TechRadar has apparently been contacted by someone who has himself been contacted by HTC about the service. They said that more details should arrive 'by the end of the year' regarding the Desire and its cloud-based service. was first announced back in September for the Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. A short time later, HTC admitted it was looking at offering it to other devices, without giving any details of just when this would happen. I think the question might well have been answered now.

Why the big deal? Well, is pretty useful, allowing you to log in to to lock your handset if you have lost it, track its location or remove mute so you can hear a ringtone. It's also free, throwing in some backing up as a tasty extra.

Stayed tuned for some official details, hopefully soon.

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