Google Docs editing goes mobile

If you happen to own an iPhone, an iPad or an Android Froyo (2.2) handset, you can now get a tasty free bonus from Google - document editing via Google Docs.

If you don't use Google Docs, it doesn't really affect you. But if you do like to share and edit documents with it on your desktop, this is really good news. It means you can work on a document with a mobile device, get involved in a group proposal or document anywhere or simply keep a record of something that you access back at your desk later. Yes, we're in the 'cloud' here, so whatever you do is accessible wherever you are. As long as you are holding that compatible device.

Nothing to download app-wise, just point your browser at on a supported device, select the document and press 'edit'. You're away.

But don't do it quite yet. It should be rolling out over the next few days, iniitally in English, with other languages coming later. Give it a try after the weekend and you should be fine.

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