iPhone goes slider with BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

While you may love your iPhone, do you secretly yearn for a slide-out keyboard to swiftly fire out messages and social network updates? If you do, the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy could be the ideal Christmas gift for you. Indeed, it's due to be available before the festive season.

It's a QWERTY keyboard for your iPhone. Not a virtual one, but a real, physical one. Not only that, it's also a hard protective back for your smartphone too. While the keyboard is fixed to the phone, available to slide out when needed, the inner workings are not - Bluetooth is used for hooking up operating system with keyboard.

It's too domineering, with slots left for your camera, volume controls and speaker. It's also economical with the juice, working for 45 days between charges, those charges via USB.

Want one? You can pre-order now for December delivery. Price is $69.95 online.

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