John's Phone makes calling simple

If smartphones are just a little too smart for you these days, there is now a 'back to basics' option, going by the name of John's Phone.

You don't get apps, you don't get something to organise your life and you don't get (or need) Wi-Fi access. This phone does the absolute minimum. It lets you dial using those large numeric keys, it calls and it lets you hang up when you've finished. It's the phone your gran would probably understand and to be honest, that's likely to be the market for the Dutch company behind the phone.

Actually, we forgot one other crucial addition. On the flip, you get a paper address book and a pen to use with it, so your essential contacts are to hand. Ok, it's very low-tech, but at least it means the battery has a three-week life.

According to Diedriekje Bok of John Doe creative: 'With an abundance of choices and information channels operating, it's nice to develop a simple gadget. It is also a useful phone for travelling, exercising or weekend sailing. With John's phone, you always reach your close family and friends, so the rest of the world on your smartphone does not matter. John's phone can be used when your smartphone is empty or if you're in a distant country'.

You can grab one online, priced at 79.95 Euros and  it's good to go in the UK. Just slip in your sim card.

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