APP WATCH: Bump offers iPhone music sharing

The Bump app isn't new, but the option to share music with the iPhone app most certainly is.

The existing Bump app was already a clever affair. Simply select your content, from photos, contacts and calendar events, then tap your handsets together - it's transferred over in no time at all. You can even become friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with a simple tap too. But sharing music is certainly going to be the headline-grabber.

According to Mashable, version 2.2 is good to go with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and does indeed offer that user-to-user music sharing. Select songs from your iTunes collection, do the 'Bump' and the recipient can then listen to the full tracks, as streamed from YouTube, or preview and buy them on iTunes.

Co-founder and CEO David Lieb believes music sharing will be a biggie for thing company: 'We think Bump is the simplest and easiest way to tell your friends about songs and artists you love,' he said.

If it takes off like photo sharing via the app, he could be right. Apparently the app has'more than a million photos shared every weekend,' according to Lieb.

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