iOS 4.2 update facing further delay

We were pretty much certain that iOS 4.2 was going to land on Friday. In fact, Apple was equally as sure by the look of things, with a launch of iTunes 10.1 going live just prior to the expected arrival of iOS 4.2. That was required before the new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system could go live. So what happened?

Well, nothing, that's what happened. The word across the web is 'Wi-Fi', specifically a Wi-Fi bug in the gold master build of the iPad. That might sound like something minor to you, but Apple is obviously taking no chances with this one. It really doesn't need bad publicity after the 'antenna' issues that surrounded the iPhone 4 launch. If there is a problem, there's a delay. As Apple hasn't actually announced an official launch date for it, you could say it's not really a delay anyway. But it most certainly is.

It's a delay that apparently needs a few days of work, attention and testing, with another launch date as soon as tomorrow (16th November) being talked about, but more practically, a general 'before the end of November' is a better time frame to work to.

So if you are waiting for multitasking on your iPad, not to mention the various enhancements across both iPad and iPhone, you'll have to wait a little longer. But we're sure a fully working update is well worth that slightly longer wait. In the meantime, make sure you've got the latest version of iTunes in preparation.

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