Palm Pre 2 due in UK today

There was a huge fanfare when the original Palm Pre launched, but almost a couple of years on, it's successor is sneaking out with hardly a whisper.

An official launch came and went last month, with the handset initially launching in the French market. As for the UK? Well, we were left wondering, especially as none of the networks seemed to be talking it up. However, according to Pocket Lint, the smartphone has launched in the UK today. But where?

HP has confirmed to that particular site that the smartphone, featuring the new webOS 2.0, will be available sim-free from today. However, we have checked both the official Palm and HP online stores this morning and there's not a mention of the handset. There's not even a 'coming soon', let alone a price. So if you want one, you might want to keep checking both of those sites today. Failing that...drop them a line.

If you do get one, you can enjoy an upgraded phone with that new webOS 2.0, as well as a 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera, a glass screen and a more streamlined design. Incidentally, that OS offers True Multitasking, Just Type, for composing without opening an app, HP Synergy and Exhibition apps, Flash 10.1, Skype, TextAssist, Quickoffice mobile suite and Facebook 2.0.

If all of that appeals, happy hunting.

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