Apple iOS 4.2 landing at 6pm on Friday

Earlier in the week, we said the iOS 4.2 update was coming either Wednesday or Friday. Well, it now looks to be Friday. Specifically at 6pm on that day.

If you want a list of the enhancements coming for both the iPhone and iPad, you can find out more here. There could also be a speed and performance boost for older iPhone 3 models too, but that's not yet confirmed. However, the date and time of the update is more or less confirmed.

According to Mac Stories, that ever-reliable 'inside source', this time at AT&T, has said that Apple will make iOS 4.2 available globally at 10am PST (6pm over here) on 12th November. Job done it it's true. It also claims that iTunes 10.1 will be available prior to it, as it needs to be installed before iOS 4.2 can be downloaded.

The site also claims that iOS 4.2 was actually due for release last Tuesday (2nd November), but a bug relating to Japanese characters caused a problem. That's obviously sorted, so set your alarm for 6pm tomorrow for the upgrade. No irony intended.

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