APP WATCH: Bang & Olufsen BeoPlayer for iPhone

Bang & Olufsen is perhaps best known for its own high-end audio and TV gear. But it is now borrowing someone else's hardware, launching an app for the iPhone.

That app is known as the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlayer and according to Electric Pig, will offer up a B&O-branded clock and access to internet radio, how much depends on how much you shell out.

A free and a paid version of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlayer app will be available. The free version gives you access to 20 internet radio stations, while the paid version has access to 'all internet radio', around 14,000 stations if you want a number. Intriguingly, it sounds like the app is a work in progress too, with 'music browsing features' being added before the year is out. We don't know what that is, but we like the idea of accessing more music, especially if the price is right.

Oh yes, that price. As we said, the basic one is free and we suspect, that's the version most likely to get the traffic initially. Why? Because the paid version will sell for just under £10. Now, we know B&O is a premium brand, but the app really needs to offer something special for £10 - like access to a library of music, Spotify-style, for example. If it doesn't, trade is likely to be modest when it lands in the next few days.

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