APP WATCH: Picsel offers Office for mobiles

If you can't switch off from work, we have some good news for you - Picsel drops Microsoft Office in your pocket, available to use 24/7. Good news for productivity, bad news for family and/or social life.

According to TechRadar, Picsel offers up the functionality of Microspft Office for Android, Bada and iOS phones, which means Word, Excel and PowerPoint for your phone and the option to view and edit Office documents pretty much wherever you are. Although you might just have to squint if your eyes aren't what they were.

Saying that, it is a mobile-specific app, automatically resizing content into an easy scrollable format, with a carousel style viewer for multiple documents. Choose your document and you can edit it pretty much as if you were using a desktop computer - you can 'bold' words, underline, change fonts, change size, and save in original format for example, as well as adding any additional content.

Picsel Smart Office is available for download on the Apple App Store, Android Market and Samsung Apps store right now, but you'll have to part with £5.99 to get it.

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