Toshiba Folio 100 launches

Android tablets just don't stop coming, do they? Toshiba is the latest company to launch its own tab featuring everyone's favourite green Google robot - and it's packing the very latest Froyo version too.


At 10.1 inches, the Folio rivals the iPad for size but packs far more connectivity options - Wi-Fi, USB, SD card for extra memory and mini HDMI for watching HD movies on your TV. No 3G support though, which is odd but considering its size, perhaps it's not intended for using when actually on the go (and hence out of Wi-Fi range).


Running on Android 2.2, the Folio can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and supports DLNA so you can stream movies and music to another DLNA device such as a PS3 or HDTV. An optional HDMI dock comes with a remote control so the tablet can be used as the centre of a home media centre.


Under the bonnet, there's a 16GB of storage with a microSD slot expandable by 32GB, and dual-core Nvida Tegra 2 processor which sounds very impressive and would theoretically keep those programs multitasking like a dream. However, we're still smarting from the Toshiba TG01, whose 1GHz processor failed to do just that. We'll see. The Folio 100 is available now for £329.

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