APP WATCH: Guardian iPhone app to turn subscription

Accessing the Guardian app on the iPhone just got a little more expensive. But if you can't afford it, there are other options.

Rather than offering the app for a one-off fee of £2.39, the Guardian is launching an updated iPhone app that demands a six-month minimum subscription period. If cleared by Apple, it will launch in December, at a price of £2.99 for six months or £3.99 for an annual subscription. That's the UK only - in the US, the app stays free, but with ads likely to support the cost.


The Guardian is promising something a little more special for your cash though, claiming that 'a number of new features' are on the cards, but are being 'kept under wraps until closer to launch'.

If finances are tight, don't worry, there is a cheap option. The mobile website is also relaunching today and will remain free to access on all handsets. Ok, it's not quite so easy to access, but that's the downside of not laying out the cash. Alternatively, grab the existing one - that will continue to work after the new one launches, but will not be offered for sale then.

If you happen to be an iPad owner, don't worry, you'll be feeling the love soon to. According to the newspaper, it 'has an iPad app in the early stages of development.' So expect that on a similar business model sometime soon.

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