Binatone iHomePhone launches

The home just got a whole new dimension, with the Binatone iHomePhone able to swiftly covert itself from domestic handset to Android smartphone - and all for under £100.

According to Switched On Set, the Binatone iHomePhone is also part entertainment system too, with a docking station packing stereo speakers, presumably able to blast out tunes from the handset's built-in FM radio and media player. Surely there must be a downside?

Well, on the face of it, there aren't many if money is tight. Although the 'world's first Android-powered home phone' only runs Google's Android 1.6 operating system, some way behind the current crop of high-end smartphones. It doesn't take a sim card either, so you are talking Wi-Fi only for access to those apps. If you can deal with that, you're good to go.

The Binatone iHomePhone is still essentially a DECT digital cordless handset, should you need to upgrade your home phone, albeit one with a microSD card slot and a 2.8-inch touchscreen display. You can use that screen to access the web and use the pre-loaded apps for YouTube, your contacts, checking email, viewing photos, playing music on the MP3 player and keeping organised. While you're doing that, the answer machine will keep track of any missed calls.

Look out for the Binatone iHomePhone before Christmas, £99.99 secures you one

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