APP WATCH: Skyfire browser heads to iPhone this week

We heard it was coming some weeks back, but now it looks like the Skyfire browser will be available this week for the iPhone, as well as Apple's iPad and iPod touch.

But according to TechRadar, it's not all good news. For a start, the app isn't free, with a price of $2.99 being quoted in the US and as that price might suggest, so far it's only being touted for a US launch this week. But we suspect the UK one isn't going to be far behind. After all, once it's been approved, why would you want to hold it back?

Why does the arrival of a browser matter to you or I? After all, there is one installed on your iPhone already. Well, as Apple isn't all that keen on Flash, that particular medium isn't available via Safari. But Skyfire does let you play Flash, working with Safari and around the problem in its own unique way.

Basically, you can access a Flash page and watch it, with Skyfire's servers translating the video to HTML5 in the background. So you get the Flash, but the problem of dealing with it is shifted elsewhere. Nice.

'We will attack those pesky blue Flash error messages,' said Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire's CEO and indeed it does - just as long as you are willing pay that modest fee for the app.

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