APP WATCH: VLC app for iPhone on way out?

The VLC media player for the iPhone launched just last week, promising you more variety when it comes to media playback, increasing file compatibility, as well as allowing you to delete any files you don't want/need from the app (rather than going through iTunes) and throwing in faster decoding as a tasty bonus. Sadly, all that goodness might not be around much longer, largely due to a fairly minor technicality. Minor as far as we're concerned anyway.

According to Electric Pig, it's all down to legality, a problem between Apple’s App Store guidelines and the GNU public license that covers VLC. The kind of thing you and I don't care about, but the people who look after the smallprint really do.

VLC media player developer Remi Denis-Courmont has claimed that the iPhone VLC app will not last much longer in the iTunes App Store, essentially because Apple is violating the public license that VLC uses by applying DRM to it.

By tying the iPhone VLC app to one user, the software breaches VLC’s license, which states that any software using it must be able to be freely copied and distributed. It means the app might have to wave goodbye before it had even made iself at home on your smartphone.'s still there now. So you might want to get over and download it now before it's gone forever. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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