Spotify now on webOS phones

Good news for music lovers who happen to be owners of a Palm smartphone - Spotify is now available for webOS phones in the UK.

Specifically, that means the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi phones, with the app available for free from the Palm App Catalog on those Pre or Pixi phones. Obviously using it isn't free - you'll need the Premium subscription from Spotify, which is just short of £10 each month.

Get that and you are away - able to stream over Wi-Fi or 2.5G/3G to play an endless selection of music through your Palm phone. You also can store your playlists in offline mode so that they’re available even if you’re not connected to the internet. There's also the bonus of playing via your computer ad-free too, as well as via a Sonos audio system, if you happen to  have one of those.

'We’re focused on bringing the best applications to our customers,' said Joe Hayashi, vice president of Platform and Tools at Palm, a subsidiary of HP. 'webOS is all about helping our customers stay connected, which makes Spotify Mobile a great fit. It lets you stay connected to more than 10 million songs.'

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