APP WATCH: Tesco upgrades iPhone app

We're talking just weeks since the Tesco app landed. But it's already been updated, with the shopping giant adding a barcode reader.

According to TechRadar, the idea is to make online even easier. Yes, easier than tapping on a screen. Now you can scan the label of whatever you are running short of and it'll be added to your shopping list.

'We're always looking for ways to make life easier for customers and for busy mums in particular,' said CEO of Laura Wade-Gery. 'The barcode scanner will make online ordering much quicker for those that have an iPhone.

'Customers can simply scan the barcode of grocery products stocked by Tesco whilst on the go and add them into their online shopping basket. This is the perfect solution for iPhone lovers that are always forgetting to add items to their shopping list or haven't the time to even write one!'

The obvious flaw is running out of something, throwing it away and haven't nothing to scan. Oh well. But every little helps, as a certain supermarket often says. The app is free to download right now.

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