Apple offers pre-Christmas iPad engraving

Who wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas morning with an Apple iPad nestling under the festive tree, waiting for you to rip off the paper and large bow? Not many, that's for sure. Could it get any better? Well, perhaps...with a message from your loved one carved in the back. Or at least, that's what Apple hopes.

That's the offer right now at Apple and not only that - the engraving is free. Yes, you can get a two-line message cut into the rear of your iPad for nothing if you buy it online, but there are a couple of little things to consider before you do.

Firstly, it'll take longer to ship. No problem now, but if you leave the shopping until the last minute, it could be an issue. Secondly, personalising your purchase makes it non-refundable. You see, it's personal to your loved one, so they don't really want it back.You might want to take your time getting it done too - if you make a spelling mistake, that's not going to be rectified either.

If you can deal with all that, you know where to go. But your love will have to be particularly strong, with prices for an iPad starting at a minimum £429. That's a lot more than a Beano annual and a selection box.

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