BlackBerry Bold 9780 ? hands on pics

We've been lucky enough to get our hands on the new BlackBerry Bold 9780 and we thought we'd bring you some early photos of this handsome looking smartphone. In truth, in terms of looks it's not a great deal different to its predecessor, the Bold 9700, which we'd like to add is no bad thing.


Hardware-wise, it's not much of a step up from the Bold 9700 - in fact its wee improvements (and of course, its model number) seem to point to the fact that it'll basically replace the 9700 in RIM's portfolio. We have the same processor at 624Mhz, but a doubled RAM of 512MB. There's a five-megapixel camera which we'll be testing in full, and it comes preloaded with BlackBerry's new OS 6, a more media-centric OS with a full HTML WebKit browser.


We last saw OS 6 on the touch-screen-packing Torch 9800, where we were able to swipe the screen itself to go from menu to menu, but the Bold 9780 utilises the optical touchpad of the classic BlackBerrys. It's just as effective and has exactly the same features.


We'll be bringing you a full review soon.

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